Monday, February 13, 2006

Girls Raised by a Village

Many of you probably can gather that I am slightly protective of my children. I read this article from CNN via Gates of Vienna about a teen group that has had to form as a result of abusive relationships. A teen group. Here is my reaction from the comments I wrote...

I'm not endorsing violence here...

But if I heard of my daughter being treated like that the guy would seriously have to fear for his life--at the very least bodily harm. And she's 6 now.

I am constantly floored by what I see teenagers wearing these days, or how they behave and are generally "on the loose." I'm 33--not an old fart by my standards. And I also think the whole rebel thing is fine--do whatever--but I am falbberghast at how little day-to-day interaction these parents have with their kids at such a young age.

I never had a question in my head where my mother was 24 hours a day. And she had a pretty damn good idea where I was.

Spend some friggin time with your kids, people. Fathers show your kids--both boys and girls--how to treat other people--both boys and girls. And when that is done....

Teach them how to defend themselves, and when it is appropriate (contrary to popular belief, it is occasionally appropriate) how to beat the living crap out whoever it is that is threatening them.

I'm not a counseller (obviously), but my guess is that these freaks seek out women that will allow themselves, for whatever reasons, to be treated this way. Hank had it right--one swift kick to the big boys and he'll think twice about it. And girls having the confidence, and ability, to do that will probably keep these guys at a distance.

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