Thursday, February 9, 2006

Get a Grip (Updated)


It isn't often that I allow things that I read or see on blogs or TV to change my opinions on things. Even with Trouble's comments regarding her views I remained steadfast. But considering what has gone on in the past few days, and after reading I Support Denmark by Den Mother, I have changed my mind since I posted this.

Though I still think it wasn't necessarily the smartest of moves, I support Denmark too.


Ok, enough.

I have two reactions to the "global crisis" that has swept europe over the anti-Islamic cartoons that were published as editorials last week. One is in response to the Islamic crowds throwing molotov cocktails, and one is in response to the MSM that published the cartoons in the first place...

To the MSM: Dumbass. Once again, you've taken the concept of freedom and used it unwisely. Yes, I strongly believe that the MSM has every right in the world to publish more or less what it wants. One of the costs of such freedom, however, is a healthy dose of judgement. Realize what effects your actions will bring about. That was just stupid. Kind of like our own MSM (Washington Post) publishing the editorial cartoon I wrote of here.

To the crowds: Get a grip. Your actions are demonstrating to the world a large level of hypocrisy and proving many of the critics of the Middle East correct. I understand your ire, as it was insensitive and ridiculous that any press organization in the world would have allowed publishing something like that. But it is not worth people dying over.

An interesting point--a prominent Iranian newspaper today announced a contest for the "best holocaust cartoon" that they could find, to see what our reaction would be. I may be out of some bucks here, but I'm willing to bet that they could publish it anywhere and the west wouldn't break into a theater-wide violent rampage over it. Thus the point of freedom.

Either way, wasn't it Iranian president Ahmadinejad that opined that the holocaust itself was a myth?


  1. I agree with you on the Iranian Newspaper thing...I doubt any molotov cocktails will be thrown about a holocaust cartoon. Further, middle eastern newspapers regularly publish cartoons that are far more offensive about Jews as a normal practice, portraying them as blood-drinking fiends.

    I disagree on the political cartoon issue, and wrote about it on my website.

    A similar instance, complete with death threats, occurred IN MY TOWN when Doug Marlette, a political cartoonist, portrayed an islamic suicide bomber.

    I stand by the right of a free press to publish whatever they wish, regardless of who it offends. The potential of offending someone pales in comparison to the idea of limiting what the press might publish in fear of offending someone.

  2. I agree to a point--all I am saying is that the press needs to exercise judgement when publishing what they will. I don't believe that they should be limited, rather they should police themselves in how they exercise such freedoms.

    I take the same stance in regards to protesting. It is within every free American's right to protest what they wish within the law. But I feel you abuse that freedom when it is done without judgement, as some state legislatures are moving to place such abuse as illegal.