Friday, February 17, 2006

Why Is It That...

I keep attracting anti-war/defeatist/lefty types to this site?

And why is it that they are the only ones commenting?


  1. Way more time on their hands, because the rest of us are working.

    What you need to do, is update your rabies shots;)

  2. Continue writing what you're writing. Its amusing to go to your comments section and see them hyperventilate.

  3. Maybe it is because some of us anti-war/violence types are genuinely perplexed by the pro war stance and trying to learn about it. Maybe thats how we see conflicts actually being resolved, by studying and learning about the other view point. Maybe some of us are honestly perplexed by people who still feel that there are white hats and black hats and good guys and bad guys and that we are all good- like luke sky-walker saving the world from Darth Vader. And that Adults that have actually been educated and travelled still believe in such simplistic concepts. And that information is out there and we should take the responsibility to view and consider it all, not to label it as wacko and to only consider and search out information that feeds our own viewpoint.

  4. Pro-war?

    Hardly anyone in the military who has seen combat is pro-war. We know war is hell, and we're probably the only people in the world who do such a good job at a job that we fundamentally dislike. (Same reason that the best "war" movies are, at the core, anti-war movies.)

    But I digress. All that said, we still believe in good versus evil. We don't necessarily think that there is no grey, but we do believe in the "simplistic" concept that someone like Zarqawi, who cuts off heads for fun, is evil. And that people who have voted to create a country and a government that opposes him, like the people of Iraq, are good.

    But hey, I guess we're just country hicks that were too poor to do anything else other than join the military.

  5. " studying and learning about the other view point."

    Yes, Amy, that's a way to do it. IN fact, the military does exactly that. The difference between you and them is when they see the other view point is "I'm gonna kill you, your families, and then destroy all that you have." you then go and suit up and do what needs to be done.

    For all the appeasement, even today, the Middle Eastern cultural view is that is weakness, and therefore it's like a shark finding a wounded attacks.

    Nigerian Christians are being slaughtered because they showed solidarity with the Muslims. Talk about a hard way to be treated.

    So, I choose a forward defense. I understand you chose comething different.

  6. Yeah, since the Nigerian Christians are being slaughtered, we should defend our bretheren and slaughter all the Muslims! That stupidity just validated everything Amy said!!

  7. The antiwar types are sometimes those who have actually been on the ground in Iraq and have seen 2 year old Iraqi children with their arms and legs blown off and their parents killed, and that if countenancing 30K Iraqi dead, 2000 US dead, 15K seriously wounded, and $1 trillion of tax payers dollars is the price of spreading democracy, we say it's not not worth it and that those who continue to persist in these delusional ideas need to be confronted with reality

  8. And brave anon at 0006, did you read the article?

  9. "The Christians are retaliating by burning mosques and killing Muslims." I s that the article you're referring to? It's the update. Violence with violence. Yeah, that's a great solution to the problem. Onward Christian soldiers!