Friday, February 3, 2006

Operation Iraqi Children

Happened upon a great website today from lovemytanker's blog My Life as a Military Spouse called Operation Iraqi Children. Much like Soldier's Angels, the website aims to give people an easy way to support children in war-torn Iraq. While I am normally wary about celebrity-sponsored charity efforts, this project by Gary Sinise and Laura Hillbrand has provided school supplies, clothing and shoes to a large number of children in need. Recently they have expressed a need for items other than school-related due to the cold winter (blankets, etc.). The items are shipped overseas to our troops on the ground and are subsequently handed out to the children and families that need them. From the site:

"Many American troops have taken it upon themselves to reconstruct schools and gather learning tools for the children of Iraq. Their efforts have been met with immense gratitude from the local Iraqis and their children. Operation Iraqi Children is a grassroots program that aims to provide concerned Americans with the means to reach out to the Iraqi people and help support our troops' attempts to assist them. "

What a great movement. Stop by when you can.


  1. Good on you Lucky, for bringing us back from the edge of unresolvable conflict and showing us some good news, of real people taking real actions to support other real people in an other country.

  2. Thanks for getting the word out about this program. I went to Sri Lanka after last years tsumami and can say first hand that individuals can accomplish lots more much more effectively than the large agencies. What a wonderful program these solders have set into place- these people are definately on the right track to creating peace in the middle east. Well done!