Saturday, February 18, 2006


Last night we had the opportunity to do a dry-run of the hospital drill when the baby gets here.

Superwife came home from her shift at the hospital last night and wanted only one thing--to lay down and be still. Not food, not drink, not monkies, just immobility. That kinda piqued my curiosity a bit.

Me: "You ok, hon?"

SW: "Yeah, I guess so. I'm just having some serious contractions."

Me: "Like, 'let's go' contractions or just uncomfortable contractions?"

SW: "I'm not sure."

Me: "I'll get the bag ready."

And the bag is a contentious issue--we've never been "prepared" for any kid so far. Monkey #1 (The Princess) was two weeks early and Monkey #2 was two months early. So we've never had our shit together before they showed up. We've been bound and determined to be ready this time, so this weekend the plan was to finalize all the prep for Odie. That sped up a bit when we thought Superwife was going into labor last night.

A few drugs and an IV and we were back home around midnight. Apparently she's not drinking enough water.

But at least the bag's packed.

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