Wednesday, February 22, 2006


What would you do if someone gave you $15.5 million today?

Superwife and I have had this discussion a few times, whenever a record-breaking lottery comes around. While I don't necessarily fault anyone who quits their job with tickets to their own private island in hand, I don't think I would do a whole lot different than I do today.

Maybe I'm naive.

I just see problems being a major factor in these people's lives from now on. You don't often hear of any great stories of happiness from people that have won the lottery. I think I would probably blow a lot on a great house, maybe my own plane and hangar--but beyond that I think I would just plop it into a rockin' mutual fund and never worry about money again.

With my kind of luck all the monkies would get full-ride scholarships everywhere and make millions on their own.

So when I see these goofs on TV quitting their jobs and saying they've already retired, I'm not too jealous of them. Granted, working in a meat-packing plant has to have sucked.

Maybe it's just an illumination that my life is pretty good as it is.

Don't think I would give the money back if I won it, though.


  1. "Maybe it's just an illumination that my life is pretty good as it is."

    I think that this might be it. :)

    Whenever the lotto gets big, we buy 2 tickets. When it gets REALLY big we buy 5. You know, just in case God decides that it is our turn to have a really good day. :)

  2. I would go back to school if I have 15 millions. Buy a home, and some rental properties, invest same, give the rest to family. i would not stop working, I need the distraction of work so I don't drive myself nut.

  3. I would buy out my ex wife so I could stop giving her 39 percent of my retirement. Then I would quite work, move to Thailand. Live in a nice house and bankroll and invest the rest.

    I would go to work writing my novel. (The one were Skippy gets all the girls.....)

  4. Skippy doesn't already get the girls?