Friday, March 17, 2006


Ok I need some outside opinion...

I am definitely going to make a change. There are a few things I'm considering, and I'd like some insight from those that knoweth more than I.

1) I am looking to establish a domain name ( was taken by a belly-dancing troupe in MA in February...damn). I am a little concerned if that would make me have to start over since everyone's linked to this address.

2) I definitely need a new look. The black and green is starting to be depressing.

3) The big one is whether or not to stay with Blogger. It's served its purpose pretty well, but there are things I want to do on here that I can't do with Blogger. It may be because I'm just an HTML idiot--but it may be because Blogger puts limits on what it can do (for example, I would trade my kingdom for three columns).

4) Lastly--a new name. Again, I'm concerned with having to go back to square one--I'm not sure I have the energy or patience to do this all over again. I also am having imagination issues here, in that the only name I can come up with is "The Boneyard." I know, it's a personal revelation and inspiration thing that you alone can blah blah blah. Any ideas from long-time readers would be nice.

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