Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Perhaps a Tad Overzealous...

I am married to a Mexican. My father-in-law is native Spanish, my mother-in-law is naturalized american-born Mexican. So hispanic heritage is often a topic of discussion in the Lucky Ranch.

I was, believe it or not, impressed with the protests that took place a few days ago. It isn't often that you get to see that large of a number of people protest anything relatively peacefully. In fact, I thought that they even may sway some voters/politicians to their side.

Until now.

Michelle Malkin posted about a group of Pioneer, California students who decided to join the fight by skipping school and running their own protest. They topped all of it off by flying the Mexican flag over the US Flag on the schools flagpole--with the US Flag upside down.

I was, like I said, impressed with the movement. I felt that with proper legislation and laws that we could co-exist with immigrants from our southern neighbor. Radio stations in LA (the ones that actually organized the protests) told their marchers to bring AMERICAN flags, since that's what they are presumably trying to get to be--American. Instead the wonderbrains, so overwhelmed with home-nation pride, flew Mexican flags. So now what you see on TV, instead of a persecuted populace, is a Mexican invasion.

These picture personify it. I agree with Michelle--this one little teenage punk act is going to torpedo anything positive that could come out of all of this.

In fact, a girl who brought an American Flag to the protest was actually violently criticized for having such a blasphemous item in her posession. Looking at these pictures I am aghast that this occurred on US soil.

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