Friday, March 31, 2006

Spring Hath Sprung

The roses blew apart into full-bloom this past weekend, despite the 40 degree low the night prior. I managed to fertilize the lawn and started retraining the dog how to take walks civilly. Its 78 degrees outside right now and we're supposed to have a baby here in three days.

Spring has sprung in Tucson.

I grew up in Massachusetts, where the high tomorrow will be 57. I loved the snow--making castles on the side of the road where the snowplows had piled up huge mounds of it. We would just burrow in until we had our own little cave. These would last for days, sometimes. On Memorial Day I had a tradition of being the first one to jump in the pool every year, regardless of how cold it was. The water was usually somewhere around 65. Now we don't even look at the pool until it breaks 80.

You could say that my blood has thinned a bit.

The monkies will swim in there until their skin turns blue. I eject at around 78 degrees. SW, tough as she is, won't touch it until its 85.

I miss snow, but not enough to live in it. I feel bad because that was a pretty significant part of my childhood and chances are the clan won't ever have that.

Doing the last preparations for the steady influx of parents and baby that will soon flood this house. We've cleaned it from top to bottom several times, each time thinking Odie will be here any minute. Took today off to do it one last time.

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