Thursday, March 30, 2006

Last Day of Work

Today's my last day at work for 2 1/2 weeks.

Ah the sweet release of leave.

Things appear to generally be lining up. SW's blood pressure is doing just fine (although we still need to go listen to Odie's heartbeat twice a week, in addition to her normal doctor's visit once a week), my Mom is inbound and will be here Saturday (after spending the last two weeks helping my sister with Jack), and the sun was shining and warm on my way into work today.

SW's last day of work is today, too, unless she elects to go the last 10 hours and show up for work tomorrow.

Things might fall apart here at work, but probably not. Honestly I don't care at this point. It's strange actually knowing the date that your kid will be born ahead of time. It actually adds to the stress, like knowing that you need to have dental work done ahead of time.

Bags are packed. Tank is full. House is clean.

Ready to go.

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