Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Jack's Ahead of Schedule

For those of you that have been following Desert Odyssey (Richmond, other than family I think that's just you), you may recall that in addition to Odie, my sister (Fuji) is due to have her and my brother-in-law's son Jack at about the same time. Well, he apparently has other plans.

Fuji's blood pressure has been steadily rising over the past months, and spiking in the past few weeks. Although she had already been directed to bedrest, her BP spiked super-high yesterday. As a result, the doctors are inducing her--almost five weeks early.

My Mom is already on a plane heading that way, and the ball should really be rolling around noon eastern if her water hasn't broke already by then. Everybody's pretty scared right now, both for Fuji and Jack.

I alluded to my family's belief in guardian angels a while ago--I imagine that they're massing by Fuj's bedside right now to bring my first blood-nephew into the world.


  1. Lots of prayers coming from my household!!!

  2. yikes. I'll be thinking about them.

  3. How scary. They are in my thoughts.