Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Cindy Circus

For my mental case Cindy Sheehan supporters who like to do drive-by's on here to take pot shots:

Smash has a transcript of a town hall meeting she attended and demonstrated her true capacity for the truth. Again, I truly feel for this woman for her loss--but I strongly believe that she never intended things to go as far politically as they have. My theory is that there are some pretty big people, both politically and with other motivations, that are behind her and compelling her to do and say the things she does...

Her inability to keep her facts straight leads me to conclude that she is either an outright liar (which I don't think she is), or she has gone from being a regular mom to celebrity without the resources to handle the publicity. As a result, I really do think that she has a lot of people using her as a figurehead to advance their own political agenda, and saying things that she may or may not agree with in her name.

The evidence that the statements she made were out to lunch was pretty clear, I think. I pity her for her loss, but I also pity her for being vaulted to a position that I am not sure she realizes that she is in.


  1. I can't imagine what I'd do in her shoes. I hope I would do something like this:

    This is the public statement of the family of a guy I worked with. What I really appreciated was that their statement wasn't about THEM, it was about HIM. They talked about why he served, why he worked as a cop, what he believed, and what his service meant.

    I don't care what Cindy believes. Casey's decision to serve wasn't her decision. I'm sorry for her loss, but Casey showed, quite clearly, what he felt by re-enlisting.

    nuff said.

  2. I agree with your previous commentor. To me, Sheehan's actions are more a diservice to her son's memory. He died a hero in my eyes. People with an agenda like her's negate that heroism.

    It makes me so very sad. I'm sure in a way this got bigger than she thought, but I've heard enough from her and heard talk about her stand prior to her loss. I'm not sure she's as much a victim of those that see her as an opportunity as you might think.

  3. Ok, that was like four big words that I need a dictionary for.