Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Interesting Post

Mama at Morphing Into Mama made an interesting post the other day. She got so many responses (and hate mail) that she turned her comments off. I haven't really decided how I feel exactly, but I thought it was an interesting post:
I don’t think it’s fair to say that being married caused these women to bebulimic – especially since being in a relationship can make one conscious about one’s weight just as being single can. When you’re single, you want to be in good shape not just for yourself, but so that you can feel confident about how you look and feel like you can attract a partner. When you’re married – and especially after having kids – you’re conscious about your weight, which may motivate you to watch what you eat and exercise, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll develop an eating disorder. I am conscious of my weight, so I don’t snack, and I exercise. Personally, I think it would be unfair to Husband if I gained a bunch of weight and did nothing about it.
Read the whole post here and come back to discuss.

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