Thursday, March 30, 2006

Daddy Blogger

Well, whaddaya know...I've been invited to be a conributing writer on a big blog.

I love MommyBloggers. I can't get enough of reading them. If you look at my blogroll there's a few of my favorite ones on there. But it always struck me as strange--that there were never any "Daddy Bloggers" out there. In fact, I bet you that women bloggers outnumber the men by two to one.

So imagine my surprise when Doug from DadBloggers dropped me a line yesterday and invited me to be one of the contributing writers on his website. I checked it out--great writing, looks like it gets some good circulation--so I'm going to take him up on his offer. It does have a Christian theme that may be a bit much for me (I'll expound on a later post) so having me around may shake things up a bit...I guess we'll see.

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