Monday, March 27, 2006

Tiny Tigers

When I was six, my Dad found a great deal at a local karate studio where you could get a father/son membership for essentially free for three months. So we signed up. My Dad loved it.

I hated it.

After the three month trial was up, I quit. At that age I was more interested in playing with my toys than doing pushups. Its really too bad, because I feel like there was some serious bonding that I could have done with my father over the years if I had stuck with it, because he did.

Ten years later, I was a junior in high school and my feelings towards martial arts and working out had significantly changed--so I went back. By this time my Dad was a third degree black belt, and one of the chief instructors of the school. We managed to keep the fact that we were related a secret for about six months, but we look so alike (and he beat on me a little harder than the other students) that eventually they figured it out. I loved this time in my life. My Dad and I became closer friends than we had ever been in my life up until that point, and that carried on long after we moved away and stopped karate altogether.

I hated to sweat when I was a kid.

There's a Tae Kwon Do school here in town that caters specifically to kids. We had looked all over Tucson for a good school and it took abotu five minutes for us to decide on this one. The instructors rock, the kids love it, and we're having a blast watching them. We're even considering joining oursleves after the baby is born. The monkies had their first "test" this weekend to get a stripe on their white belts:

Cowboy's a little small for his age and has already gotten knocked around a little bit (more on that later) so I'm glad he's doing this and enjoying it. Hopefully he's not too much like his Dad and quits after three months.


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