Monday, March 6, 2006


I've been randomly adding blogs that I like (not just ones to get links in return) ever since I started Desert Odyssey. What I haven't done is update it, so that's what I've been doing lately. I took out ones that haven't been updated, or have degraded into stuff that I just don't dig anymore. Along the way, I realized that I never introduced them. So here we go...


These are the blogs that I compulsively read, each and every day, first thing in the morning around 0500 or so. Super highly recommended.

The news blogs: Power Line and Pajamas Media for general news, and Mudville Gazette and Military Outpost for military. The best of the best.

Dubious Wonder, to which I can't understand why I am addicted
Michelle Malkin, one of the reasons I got into blogging in the first place, who along with
Dooce are the queens of the blogosphere
Michelle Agnew, whose daily questions get the mind rolling

The Good Ones

Blue Gal in a Red State is always good to see how the other side thinks
A Little Cheese With That Whine, Mommy Bloggers, and Dusty Clodfelter give me relief that parenting isn't hard just for me
Chickenhawk Express is a right wingnut
Cowboy Blob is one of the best photoblogs I've seen (not exactly art, but entertaining)
D-Man Bites Dog is from an opinionated New Zealander. He takes a pretty humurous look at world affairs
David Drake is a sarcastic Minnesotan who takes some good pictures. Or at least modifies them.
Don Suber is a close runner-up for Lucky's Daily. He scours the blogosphere for his "daily best," and he's usually right.
Doney Depot is Marcguyver's blog--a regular commenter to the Odyssey.
Far East Cynic is a blog from one of my Alumni brothers who lives in Asia. Hysterical.
Freedom Folks - A collaborative effort by Jake and the ald Chick.
Hog On Ice is a great read by a really good writer. The only thin g keeping it off the LD list is that I get the feeling that it's too big for it's britches.
Karen's Korner - Musings from a conservative Christian.
Kevin Sites - as if he needs an introduction.
No Angst Zone is a good blog in support of the military.
Not Quite Off the Deep End is a family guy who works as a trucker for FedEx.
One For the Road is by the angel of my deployment, Richmond, who sent cookies to the CAOC after reading my blog. She has great daily puzzles, too :).
Random Stuff is just favorites are how she responds to letters she found from her younger days.
Redneck's Revenge - A biased international current events and political newsblog.
Sharp as a Marble - another hysterical random thoughts blog.
Sysiphean Musings is a self-proclaimed center-right blog that is remarkably calm in dealing with political and military issues.
Soldier's Angels New York and Holly Aho need no intro for the work they've done supporting the troops.
The Opinionator is a decent political blog.
The Chefinator is the boyfriend of Dubious Wonder's Trouble in Shangri-La. A good blog--although more man-flesh than I need to see.
Velvet Sin is decidedly leftist, but she's a great and passionate writer (know thy enemy...).
Writer's Blog Alliance is a garden-spot for aspiring writers and bloggers. Good stuff.
Yesterday's Future is the blog of a world-travelling activist trying to make life better.

Military / Milblogs

USMC: Michael Yon
Army: Wordsmith at War, Soldier's Perspective, Guidons Guidons Guidons, 365 and a Wakeup (the King)
Navy: Live From the FDNF, Captain's Quarters, Chaotic Synaptic Activity
Air Force: Dude Where's the Beach?, Linked in USAF
UK: In Training
General: Blackfive, Blogs of War, Miltracker, CENTCOM,, Patriot Voices, Threatwatch, VFW NC

The stuff that's just cool is just that--cool ways to waste your time.

Whew! Won't be doing that again for another year...I think I need to slim my blogroll down a bit.


  1. We share a lot of daily reads in common. (go figure...) ;)

    The new banner looks fabulous! Beautiful picture!

    I am trying to get caught up now on the rest of my daily reads...

  2. 365 and a wakeup is by Cpt Danjel Bout, CA ANG. While he may have the heart of a Marine, it's his battlaion mate Rusten Curry who was an enlisted Marine in GWI. Both super reads, and thankfully they both made it home safe from their tours....

    Thanks for the ad for my blog!

  3. Thanks for the mention!

    Methinx Captains Quarters is not associated with the US Navy. The Captain, IIRC, is a call center manager in Minnesota. He might be a vet, but I've never seen it mentioned on his blog. I think his other contributors are lawyers.

  4. Thanks for reading and finding it worth mentioning.

    I like the new look. Now I'm off to read.

  5. You're on my blogroll dude!!! :) Thanks for having me on yours! Good luck on baby watch!

  6. Thanks for the link we will link you up on all 209 VFW posts in NC.

    Would you please change the address to

    Thanks again.