Friday, March 10, 2006

Doctor of Misery

Princess has a monster cavity. Two, actually...

Apparently her teeth are too close together in spots, and food got stuck there--even though we fanatically brush and floss her like a nazi with obsessive-compulsive disorder. A cavity formed, which we didn't notice, and then formed on the adjoining tooth, which we also didn't notice. Since it missed her nerve altogether it didn't hurt, and she didn't say anything. It wasn't until we saw the double-barrel caves going into her teeth that we took her to the dentist.

When a dentist looks at your child's teeth and says, "Wow! That's gotta hurt!" it's generally a bad thing.

So he's going to perform a something-something-blah-blah-ectomy on her today. He compared it to a baby-tooth version of a root canal. Two of them.

Princess knows she's going to the dentist, but this is her first visit that won't be pleasant. She hasn't yet had the experience to drastically and dramatically alter her perception of going to the pain doctor who sticks needles in your mouth. I had my first experiences when I was about her age. I'm still recovering and cower in fear to have my teeth even cleaned.

They're going to give her nirtous-oxide before the needle. I wonder if I can have some.


  1. Oh, poor baby.

    My daughter had four cavaties when she was 4. I felt like the worst mother. They were in her bottom molars. Dentist said they were from juice and since the litte rat was sneaking juice out of the fridge, it wasn't surprising. Anyway, they just needed to be filled. Her teeth have been fine since. I feel for you, that has to be tough to see.

  2. Oh poor thing. I hope that it all goes well...

  3. Two words for you: Doctor Darvish. (still sends shivers down my spine and it's been about 25 years since we saw that malpracticing loser)...