Thursday, March 9, 2006

Monster Truck

We've never tried to guide the Princess or the Cowboy in one direction or the other as far as interests go.

Funny how nature works, though. Princess is all about girly stuff--pink, barbie dolls, dancing and tea parties. Cowboy is in love with trains, star wars, and monster trucks...

Last year when Cowboy's birthday rolled around, it was perfect timing that the Monster Truck rally came to town. Or, more specifically, Grave Digger came to town. Superwife and I had never been to a Monster Truck rally, and barely knew who Grave Digger was. Cowboy certainly knew. And he wanted to see him in action. So we went. And Cowboy was sold. So when Grave Digger came to town again this year, we had no choice. We had become Monster Truck groupies.

So we mounted up last weekend to go see the big one. Even though Cowboy was beaten down with a bad bout of bronchitis, skipping the show never crossed his little mind. It amazed me, not because of the sheer size and sound (though, God knows I loooove that sound)--but because we knew exactly where to go in the building to get Grave Digger himself to sign Cowboy's poster and Princess's pink hat. We were officially experts in Monster Truck rally etiquette. Just like the other parents who gave their kids mullets and mohawks.

The rest of the weekend went well, albeit with SW's fatigue and swelling driving her insane. We started throwing the monkies massive birthday parties when they were younger and have essentially committed ourselves to doing that for the next 18 years. Even though it's just the family, we get helium balloons, streamers, party hats--the works. The kids love it.

I thought about that as I had to navigate my way through the maze of renegade balloons that has migrated upstairs and now float from the ceiling outside my bedroom, like they are waiting for their moment to pounce.

I guess it's convenient that Odie's birthday will be dangerously close to Cowboy's--kill two birds with one balloon in the future.

I just hope he likes monster trucks.



  1. My girls are 3 years, 3 days apart. I remember trying to do the birthday thing with my first daughter while praying I didn't go into labor. It was also soccer season and I needed to have the baby between games. Had her on a Tuesday so we made it to the game on Saturday. My 10 year old boy doesn't like birthday parties. He is...odd. My daughter loves monster trucks, my son loves the Science Channel.

  2. Your babies are ADORABLE!!! Get one of those big jumpy thingys for the party. My kids love those and it kept them busy - your wife will be able to put her feet up! :) Take care!

  3. This is the most beautiful picture that I've ever seen of my neice and nephew!!!! Give them a big hug from their Aunt Kate for me. :)