Friday, March 17, 2006

Baby Story

During my search for a web server I came across my old web page from seven years ago--long before blogging even crossed my mind. Its original intent was to write about what was a very stressful time for me. Unfortunately, times were different than they are now, and it was extremely time-consuming and just added to the stress.

When I found the files from my old web page I was floored. There were things in there that I had assumed long ago were lost forever. Most important to me was a narrative/story that I had started, but sadly never finished. It was supposed to be about Princess's gestation and first few months of life--but I ended it shortly after discovering the sex of the child, before she was even born.

It is entertaining, to say the least, to see my writings from seven years ago. I'm posting them on here--just don't be disapointed when they end abruptly. I've changed Superwife's name to "Grace," even though it's not her real name, because "SW" just didn't fit in the story.

So here we go...

My wife Grace and I are expecting a baby. It's amazing what having a baby will do to your outlook on life. We were both pretty confused, but both very excited at the same time. I figured that since we're hoping this won't be our last baby, maybe it would be a good idea to write down everything we do and experience, so we'll have something to look at once we try this again.

I also thought that this would be useful to others, in that there are a lot of things that are happening that are pretty unique. I've envisioned this all of my life--the whole experience--and so far its not anywhere near the script I had pictured. Our families and friends are pretty interested as well, and this will give them a window into our lives and experiences.

So I'll be adding chapters as we get there, and you can follow along as we progress through the various steps leading to having our baby. Things are progressing pretty rapidly, and I'll try to type as quickly as I can to bring the whole story to light. I've always wanted to write a book, I guess here's my chance.

But first, a quick introduction.

Emily and I are both officers in the United States Air Force. She's a nurse (and a pretty good one) and I'm a pilot. We met upon being stationed in Germany together, and started dating about 6 months later. We've been together for almost 3 years, and were married in January of 1999.

Our baby is due on July 9, 1999. If you do the math, you'll see the first non-standard issue of the pregnancy. It was a surprise to both of us--but we are very much in love and were thinking of marriage long before our little gift came along. This is going to turn out to be the largest of the learning experiences--though we had planned on this happening, and happening soon, it isn't the most ideal of times for us to start a family. But what is?

When I started doing all the research for the coming months, I came across a website that inspired me to do this. It was written by a guy named Chris Rywalt about he and his wife Dawn's experiences in having their first child. It was humorous and moving, and it was the only site I could find that was based on experiences through the father's eyes. I'm hoping that what you read in the following chapters does the same.

And so, read on and join us on this little adventure. A word of warning, though, this could get ugly. The whole experience is an amazing but messy journey. We're coming up on the end of the first trimester and I can already see the bumps ahead. Reproduction was never meant to be a totally pleasant travel.

January, 1999

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